Attack on Titan Necklace Wings of Liberty with Leather Rope Chain

Attack on Titan Necklace Wings of Liberty with Leather Rope Chain - Yang Novelties Ja

Attack on Titan Necklace Wings of Liberty with Leather Rope Chain

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Take up your Crimson Bow and fiercely gash through the Twilight!

Whether you are a casual watcher and know it as "Attack on Titan!" or the more hardcore fan who calls it "Shingeki No Kyojin", one thing is for certain, we all feel a special connection to it. Whether it is the prolific and heart-wrenching scenes it captivates or the gritty and harsh realities of helplessness we sometimes feel. It also emboldened us to not be victims and transform ourselves into hunters.

The message is no less mighty than when we were first introduced. The moment you first place the Attack on Titan Necklace Wings of Liberty with Leather Rope Chain around your neck you will feel the power surging through your veins and the message will resonate even deeper. Each day it will remind you to grab life by the horns and take control. So boost your confidence and change the way you watch this beloved anime forever. Soar on the wings of freedom and shout I am the hunter!

Key Benefits

1. Great for Cosplay - It is perfect if you are a cosplayer as it will fit right into you Attack on Titan themed outfit. It can also be used across anime as a cool statement piece.

2. Diverse Colors - It comes in two colors gold and silver. So whether you are a silver star or golden sun you can shine brightly.

3. Rope -  The necklace comes with an authentic leather rope. This means it won't break or snap even with frequent use.

4. Hook Clasp - The clasp design that secures the necklace around your neck makes it secure yet easy to put on and remove  the accessory yourself.

Features and Specifications

Pendant: Metallic Pendant

Chain: Leather Rope Necklace

Fastener: Clasp and Chain

Colors: Silver, Gold


Warning: May be a choking hazard to children due to size of pendant. Keep out of reach of children.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it authentic leather?

Yes it is. This means it won't break under stress and strain. This means that it should be kept away from water if possible.

2. Does it come with different rope  lengths?

It is one size however it fits a variety of persons. So feel free to get your necklace today!





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