ZOIDZVEMBER is almost here what is it? What are ZOIDZ

 Hey there guys, do you know what ZOIDvember is? No? Well let me tell you at Yang Novelties we L.O.V.E ZOIDS, (I mean how could you not?) what is a ZOID? you may ask well my sweet summer child a ZOID is the perfect fusion of animal and robot which still maintains the animal’s base instincts while still being a giant robot equipped with Cannons (soooo many cannons) and other very fun weapons of destruction namely lasers blades and well all else fails there’s always claws and biting. These ZOIDS can be found on the planet ZI where they can be piloted using the installed control systems. Still need to see why zoids are cool? See some pictures below


(Understand now?)


So yea.. WE LOVE ZOIDS so much so we dedicate an entire month to zoids where we give exclusive discounts on ZOID model kits among other plastic model kits


See pictures from the previous ZOIDVEMBER below:



Tune into our Youtube channel @yangnovelties to see all the builds, reviews, un-boxings, announcements and the shenanigans. Zoidzvember runs from November 1st to November 30th 2020, special discounts will be on all zoids model kits as well as others


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