Wise Man's Grandchild Novel Series Listed as Ending in 17th Volume

According to Amazon, the Kenja no Mago light novel series by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka and Seiji Kikuchi will conclude with the 17th volume. On November 29, the volume is scheduled for delivery.

A television anime adaption based on the books debuted in April 2019. With the title Wise Man's Grandchild, the series was streamed simultaneously on Crunchyroll and Funimation. According to the two companies, the anime is:

After dying in a vehicle accident, a young man is reincarnated in a fantastical new world. The boy is found by the aged but knowledgeable Merlin, who gives him the name Shin, nurtures him from infancy, and instructs him in fighting and strong magic along the way. Shin is prepared to explore the world on his own 15 years later, but Merlin forgot to educate him on something major—common sense!


-Here's to hoping it ties up all loose ends before ending-

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