Moke Yuzuhara's Adachi and Shimamura Manga Goes on Short Hiatus

The manga adaptation of Hitoma Iruma's Adachi and Shimamura (Adachi to Shimamura) yuri novel series by Moke Yuzuhara will take a brief break and return in the winter, according to an article published in the October issue of Kadokawa's Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh magazine.

With drawings by Non, Iruma debuted the novel series in Dengeki Bunko Magazine in 2013. (the magazine ended publication in April 2020). The light book series was first published by Seven Seas in June 2020.


In May 2019, Yuzuhara published the manga adaption in Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh. On February 26, Kadokawa released the fourth compilation volume. The manga was published in English by Yen Press in February 2021, and its third volume was made available on June 7. According to the business, the manga is

the gym's second floor. We will be there. Although they don't hold class in a location like this, class is now in session. Shimamura and I met at this point and became close. Why am I feeling this way? I had a dream about kissing her yesterday. Both Shimamura and I am certain that we are not like that. But I want to be the first person Shimamura thinks of when she hears the word "friend." Just that.
A television show was based on the book series.

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