Kumamoto Governor Erects More One Piece Statues After Complaints About Luffy Statue

Ikuo Kabashima, the governor of Kumamoto Prefecture, gained the moniker "Governor Bartolomeo" for erecting more bronze sculptures of the One Piece pirate's friends in response to criticism of a statue of Luffy.

Oda requested that his gifts not be made public until a few years after he gave 300 million yen under his own name and another 500 million yen under the name "Luffy."

A portion of the money was used by the One Piece-obsessed governor for a number of projects, one of which was the Luffy monument. Unaware Kumamoto residents, however, condemned the initiative and questioned the governor's decision to "waste contribution money on a manga monument" and why they maintained it close to their own offices.

For those who are not familiar with One Piece, Bartolomeo is a character that behaves like a fangirl who is obnoxiously enamored with Luffy and his crew and would do everything to further their cause. The governor erected a bronze statue of Luffy outside the prefectural office after receiving 800 million in donations for the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake from One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda.


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