Kodansha USA Licenses Gamaran Manga



Written by Ysuke Nakamaru
Launch: September 20
Unabara Domain is a training ground for terrifyingly powerful martial arts masters and pupils. The 28th son, Naoyoshi Washizu, chooses Ogama-style practitioner Gama Kurogane to represent him. Gama Kurogane is the son of a notorious father and the scion of a "weak" style. The lord of the Unabara has decided that whichever of his sons discovers the strongest martial arts style will be his heir. However, the odds do not look good when this style's scion, Gama Kuro But with Naoyoshi's perseverance and Gama's honed strength, they could still prevail!

In May 2009, Nakamaru published the manga's first issue in Kodansha's Weekly Shnen Magazine. In August 2013, Kodansha released the 22nd and final compilation volume. Gamaran: Shura is the working title of the manga's continuing sequel.

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