“Hello Hatches My Old Friend “PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX78-2 Has the most hatch open gimmicks in the history of GUNPLA and a whopping 90 articulation points

We finally have details on the “Perfect Grade UNLEASHED 1/60 RX78-2 Gundam” which can be seen as the final firework of the 40year anniversary celebration we also have the release date of this behemoth of a Gunpla Build.

The original” Grand-Daddy Gundam” gets a top down makeover. This gunpla uses an insert frame with a total length of 7”(180 mm), which is the largest in the history of Gunpla. If that wasn’t enogh it also has the largest movable axis in the history of Gunpla what does that mean? Ot means it has the most points of articulation in the 30year history of Gunpla models it comes with more than 90 moveable joints placed throughout the body, which as you can imagine gives it unimaginable movement as well as unrivaled posability.

Equipped with a total of 53 hatch open gimmicks, the largest number in Gunpla history.

The hand parts are chrome-plated inside, and the metallic feel of the knots of the hands is precisely expressed. Each part of the legs is interlocked around the inner frame by insert molding to create a dynamic joint mechanism. In addition, various materials are used in it’s creation which all together with the appearance completely destroys the traditional concept of the plastic model.

Still Haven’t seen the light? You will. This monster of Gunpla ingenuity also comes equipped with a new LED unit that comes with an operating scene. Even the beam saber comes with a tiny LED unit included. If that wasn’t enough THE VERNIERS HAVE LIGHTING GIMMICKS!!!



  • Accessories: Beam rifle x 1, beam saber x 2, LED beam saber x 1, shield x 1, core fighter x 1, RGB 2-lamp LED x 1, hand parts (left and right) x 4 types each, Figure x 4 types (Amuro [standing, sitting x 2], Seira [standing]), metal parts (vernier) x 2, metal parts (Vulcan) x 2, saber assembly auxiliary jig x 1, pin type lithium battery BR435 ( (For testing) x 1, magnet unit x 1, metal plate for magnet x 2, marking seal x 1, namer seal x 1, etching seal x 1, metallic 3D seal x 1, instruction manual x 1
  • Scale: Perfect Grade 1/60 Scale
  • Maufacturer: Bandai Spirits
  • Scheduled Release Date: December 2020


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