Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Manga's Anime Adaptation Confirmed

The anime adaptation of the manga Frieren: Beyond Journey's End (Ss no Frieren) by Kanehito Yamada and Tsukasa Abe was revealed by Shogakukan on Tuesday. Shogakukan withheld the anime's structure. The anime's visual was unveiled by Shogakukan, who will provide additional information at a later time.

The manga has a license from Viz Media, which outlines the plot as follows:

An elf mage who is learning the meaning of life continues living after the quest is ended. Frieren, an elf magician, and her gallant companion explorers had vanquished the Demon King and established peace in the country. However, Frieren will live far longer than the rest of her old group. How will she learn what the meaning of life is to those around her? Years after their victory, Frieren is confronted with her own near immortality at the funeral of one of her friends. Frieren sets out to carry out her friends' final wishes and finds herself embarking on a brand-new journey.

In April 2020, Yamada and Abe published the manga in Weekly Shonen Sunday of Shogakukan. On June 17, the eighth volume was sent out. The fantasy narrative chronicles the journeys of Frieren, an elf who once undertook arduous quests to vanquish evil alongside steadfast allies. She carries the weight of her long-lived race after peace is restored and watches as her pals die one by one in front of her. She builds meaningful new relationships while traveling, even as she laments the aging and end of previous relationships.


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