Cells at work Video Game may be the steroid our immune systems need!

Doctor! Patient needs another dosage of Cells At Work STAT


The NetEase Games consortium of doctors are prepared to fill our prescription. As they announced that a new game is currently being produced by them.


NetEase Games is the company responsible for the Battle Royal title “Knives Out”

The virus beatdown anime series has been surging in popularity, (ironic since the cells are currently coursing through our veins) due to the simultaneous releases of Both Cells at Work and Cells At Work BLACK.



Cells At Work and Cells At Work BLACK were authored by Akane Shimizu, the story deals with the personification of the numerous cells that course through the human body, their specific functions (jobs if you will) and the invading bacterium that assault the human body daily. Cells At Work manga was originally launched in 2015 it is still ongoing.


Cells at Work! - Wikipedia

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