Cat Pandemic Takes Over the World in New Manga Serialization

Hi there fellow shut-ins, over the course of this infection riddled train ride we call a year we've seen a lot of mangas about pandemics get released (unironically we might add), however a new manga which was released last week has a rather interesting take on what we can call the “pandemic horror” genre.


In this story aptly named "Nyaight of the Living Cat", the virus afflicting the world is one that turns humans into cats. Humans are attacked by cats and become cats themselves. Cat-lover Kunagi swears that he'll take on this world in order to turn it back into a place where cats and humans can live together. (In other words our cat’s “zero human project” finally took effect and they morphed all humans into cats thus ushering in the dawn of the feline regime.)

The "catful horror" story is written by Hawkman, while the art is drawn by Mekaroots. It began serialization in Monthly Comic Garden on Monday


(Be honest did anyone else side eye their cat while reading this?)

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