Avex Releases Clip from Break of Dawn Movie

A two-minute preview of the upcoming anime film Break of Dawn, which makes its Japanese premiere on October 21 on the avex pictures YouTube channel.

In the footage, a few of the main characters run upon February Dawn, an alien AI that has infiltrated the home robot they were looking for.

Break of Dawn is based on the Kodansha-published manga by Tetsuya Imai, which began in 2011 and ended with two tankoubon volumes. It was serialized in Monthly Afternoon and is published under the Afternoon KC label.

The movie takes place in 2049 and follows a fourth-grader named Yuma Sawatari, who is obsessed with a comet that will soon make a close approach with Earth. One day, one of his household robots is hacked by an AI with extraterrestrial origins. Yuma’s encounter with this being, who suffered a malfunction during atmospheric entry into Earth in 2022 and has been dormant while camouflaged as an apartment, leads to the boy and his friends getting involved in a secret mission.

Tomoyuki Kurokawa (Concrete Revolutio) is the film's director. Dai Satou (YUREI DECO) wrote the script. Pomodorosa (Listeners) is the film's original character and concept designer. Takahiko Yoshida (Cells at Work) is the film's chief animation director. Masaru Yokoyama (Classroom of the Elite II) is the film's music composer. The animation production company is called Zero-G.

The cast also features Romi Park as February Dawn, Inori Minase as Honoka Kawai, Haruka Tomatsu as Wako Kishi, and Natsumi Fujiwara as Shingo Kishi. Hana Sugisaki plays Yuma Sawatari, Aoi Yuuki plays Nanako, Nobuhiko Okamoto plays Ginnosuke Tadokoro, and Natsumi Fujiwara plays Shingo Kishi.

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