ANIME the cure to the CORONAVIRUS!?

Is anime the cure to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)? One man seems to think so, and his opinion is well founded seeing that he was previously diagnosed with the deadly virus and recovered shortly after being quarantined who claims he used anime as a way to provide himself with spiritual support.

The man one Tiger Ye, a Chinese national hailing from the Wuhan province (ground zero for the Covid-19 outbreak) contracted the virus at the start of January and by February had fully succumbed to his symptoms and found himself extremely ill presenting with  shivers, high fever and intense fits of coughing.

So? How did Tiger recover? Why don’t we hear from the man himself :

"By 26 January getting up had become extremely difficult and I was shivering with cold. I felt I was having a high fever, and I was: 39C. Reports later said that the situation could develop extremely fast in the middle stage, but before I knew it, by that evening the fever was gone. It felt like having been to hell and back. That period from 21 January to the 26th was the worst time. I coughed so bad my stomach was hurting and my back ached. Those were some of the worst days in my life.

It was then that I realised I needed some spiritual support or maybe I couldn’t make it. So I watched my favourite anime show and seeing their normal, happy lives, I thought I may have to say goodbye to this life forever. But watching the show, the heroine had troubles in the first half, but she finally made it and succeeded in her career.

ou see, I was going to fly to Japan in mid-February to go to a concert by Ayaka Ohashi, a Japanese voice actress and anime artist, but with the lockdown I thought everything might be cancelled. I had attended her solo performance last year, and after watching her I had decided I wanted to make a career out of managing voice actors. So watching the show, I thought: I must make it if I want to see her next concert alive. This really encouraged me and gave me some relief, along with the medicine. I dreamed twice that week that I met her.

I had another re-exam on 28 January, which showed both my lungs were getting better."

After several trips to the hospital and numerous treatments and prescribed medications which include but are not limited to anti-HIV medicine, Tiger was tested again on February 4th which resulted in Doctors confirming that he was now fully cleared of the COVID-19 virus.


Cray note: 

We should look to anime to build up our inner strength along with following the directions of the medical experts, follow the directions to the letter and no virus should be able to beat us! I'd high five you guys gotta wash your hands for 20 seconds first or better yet lets do a affirmative nod *Nods*


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