Winter Festa 2022 FAQ

So guys, our annual winter event WINTER FESTA is coming up.


If you're new here you must be wondering what even is "Winter Festa?" So let me answer some questions


1. Is it a typo when we say Festa instead of Fiesta?

  Nope, it's not you read it right We wanted it catchy. And it caught your eye, right?


2. What is the event and when?

   At its core, WInter Festa is a Jamaican Winter Anime Festival, we party, cosplay, and entertain the more risque side of anime. Winter Festa is held on the third Saturday of every December and this year it'll be held on December 17th, 2022


3. Will there be anime merchandise on sale?

  Yes! Along with us selling merchandise on-site, we offer numerous local businesses and creators in the local anime and hobby industries the chance to sell their merchandise to you our patrons!


4. The Flyer says 18+ why?

   Strange isn't it? An Adult Anime Convention? Well, I can't spill all the beans here...but there will be a few adult displays there, not to mention we will be serving alcohol to our patrons.


5.  Where will it be held?

    Winter Festa will be held at the Yang Novelties headquarters at 143 Upper King Street in Kingston.

6.  Will there be food?  

    Yes my fellow foodies there will be food at the event. SO GET YOUR GRUB ON

7   Afterparty? 

    Most definitely look forward to our after-party! We want you to ring in the Christmas season dancing your socks off!

8.   What Competitions can we expect?

    There are quite a few competitions this year. We have:        

  • Cosplay Competition: where the winner will not only take home a cash prize but also the 2022Winter Cosplay Crown!
  • Gaming Tournaments: We'll be having different games this year with an increased cash prize for the winners!
  • Gundam Builders Competition: We're super excited about this one! This will be the first Gundam competition in not only Jamaica but the entire Caribbean! And we can't wait!! We'll have speed builders competitions where winners will receive their kit for free and even a builders kit and custom build competition! Where winner will win a special Gundam from our store and even a trophy!

 9.   Tickets? Where can we get them?

    You can get your Presold Winter Festa tickets right here! Additionally, they are on sale at our store at 143 King Street. Act now though... they're moving...FAST!

  Some highlights of last year



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